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How to get rid of Wrinkles with Botox

By the way, over the years, the habit to wince, at least in my case, only intensified, even though I honestly tried to learn to control the muscles of the face, even as an experiment, recorded skin between the brow band. While Botox, despite the temporary absence of wrinkles, it is important not to stop to care for the skin, providing it with adequate nutrition and hydration. But they all relate solely to a salon where to do injections of botulinum toxin. You should know that the injections help for a period of 4 to 8 months. Effect in axillary areas often begins from the second day after the procedure, but in the palms and soles often after the 5th - 8th day after injection. You still decide which is better: mesotherapy or Botox in its pure form, you should read reviews of experts and patients. So say everyone who wants to sell you miraculous serum.
In General, I am ready to come to the consultation. Before you decide to injections of botulinum toxin, you should know that if after the procedure you experience unwanted complications or the patient is unsatisfied with the final result, there is no treatment that could correct the situation in one day. In 1991 appeared the usual commercial name of Botox, which is used to this day. In 1980 F. Scott used botulinum toxin injections to eliminate muscle spasm in patients with strabismus. The cream used in the instructions exactly 14 days, the person freshened, color has become more pleasant, forehead smooth, deep brow wrinkles, but surprisingly "crow's" foot is still left, though, and become invisible.
Currently, among the beauty shots Botox injections have gained great popularity among cosmetologists and among women who desire to keep their beauty as long as possible. As for the type of skin, then this figure is the use of Botox has no significant effect. Its application ensures 100% penetration of the composition into hair. The nature of the neurotoxin protein called botulinum neurotoxin type a is considered to be one of the strongest organic poisons. It is also interesting to note that surgeons in the US do not believe that pregnancy or lactation - contraindication to injections of toxin.

The result will be stored for approximately 4-5 months. Have the keratin straightening effect lasts much. To effect injection appeared faster and was kept as long as possible during the first hours after the procedure, beauticians usually recommend to grimace and pressed an ice pack to the area of administration. Also, Botox gives a good Shine and prevents tangling of the hair, besides the hair look more dense. Also use the toxin to raise the tip of the nose and eyebrows. Practically it is the same drug but with different concentration. What are the pros and cons of Botox, according to experts? Try them out and injections of Botox, you will understand the difference. Before the procedure of injection of Botox is part of the consultation, on which you define Your wishes and areas of needed correction. Prices for Botox in NYC will tell the doctor at our clinic.
In any case, the Botox and alcohol - a bad combination. Sweating is eliminated for a long time due to the blockade of nerve impulses to the sweat glands in the skin. In principle, it is safe, but the procedure should be a professional, as the desire of many unprofessional physicians and beauticians "to save" may affect the patient the most harmful way. For the first time the botulinum toxin has been successfully applied in 1987, when it was found that it is able to smooth out the wrinkles in the glabellar region. Wrinkles — a true companion not only age-related changes. Wrinkles "puppets" are among the main indications for botulinum toxin therapy, especially in combination with the contouring fillers by the Way, opening the ampoule, it is not necessary to remove it for six months in the closet. In 1988 starts the use of the drug in medicine and cosmetology. Very low price for these drugs should alert you.

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