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IPL PhotoFacial

slider_alma_lasersThe Alma IPL PhotoFacial system is specifically designed for rapid Photorejuvenation treatment. Because this device is equipped with a cooling system that greatly reduces the heat felt with each pulse, areas of skin such as the entire face, neck, chest, even arms and back can be treated. Wavelengths of light penetrate to different levels of the skin, lightening hyperpigmentation, shrinking blood vessels, and stimulating collagen. This is sometimes called Photofacial.

What is IPL Photorejuvenation and how many treatments will I need?

 IPL Photorejuvenation is a non-invasive treatment that uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to erase the signs of aging from the face, neck, chest, and hands. A treatment program typically includes four to six sessions of about 20-30 minutes each, performed at three-week intervals.

What can IPL Photorejuvenation treat?

  • fine lines
  • red blemishes
  • broken blood vessels
  • pigment discoloration such as freckles and age spots
  • enlarged pores
  • coarse or rough skin
  • loss of skin tone and elasticity
  • general sun damage
  • Rosacea

IPL Photorejuvenation has the specific capacity to treat many symptoms of aging skin on your entire face in each treatment session. Among these are fine lines, red blemishes, broken blood vessels, pigment discoloration such as freckles and age spots, enlarged pores, coarse or rough skin, loss of skin tone and elasticity, and general sun damage. The result is a youthful, smooth and revitalized facial appearance. IPL can also treat spots, discolored areas and other tell-tale signs of aging on your hands, chest and neck.


In addition to treating multiple symptoms and locations in each session, IPL Photorejuvenation is gentle, non-invasive and safe. Side effects are rare and there is no "down time." You will see results in the complexion and the skin texture of the entire face. You can return to your normal routine and activities immediately. IPL Photorejuvenation treatments are individualized to your specific skin type and tone to provide the best possible results.

          Photofacials/IPL Before & After Photo