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Lash Extensions

Individual Eye Lash Extensions

Why not have one less step in the morning! Look Glam for Vacation, Events, or Just Because!Lash Extensions

Our Aesthetician is certified in Specialized Natural or Volume Set Lashes. Our customized sets are synthetic mink lashes for an extra soft touch. This Semi-Permanent Service has a 3-4 week retention span, depending on the growth cycle of your own lashes.

Fill in’s are required after that time. We use lash extension glue that is Latex and Formaldehyde free with low fumes for sensitive eyes.

This service is a great way to save yourself time and to wake up looking beautiful everyday!

LASH BATH! First step before application of a new set will include a lash bath to increase longevity of the extensions.

This medical grade foam helps remove dirt, makeup and oils from between the eyelashes with a fine foaming formula. This will assist in lengthening the bonding life of the extensions. Lash Foam is a gentle formula which is the same used by Optometrists to clean the delicate area around the eyes after surgery.


NEXT a high quality and hypoallergenic primer is used for strengthening the natural lashes making them ideal for application.


 Final step is application;


Enjoy your new set!!  Avoid any water or heat for the first 24 hours of getting your lashes done; this will increase the longevity of your new lashes.