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Wrinkles?  Frown Lines? FDA Approved Uniquely Purified Anti Wrinkle Injection Neurotoxin Xeomin can help!
Special with Dr. Bibicheff or Nurse Practitioner Alicia  $75 OFF

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Olga's customized Meso Micro needling of the Face Special with Neck included.

This treatment will help with Fine Lines, Texture and Building of Collagen. Can be customized to help with Lifting, Scarring, Tightening, Rejuvenation, Acne and  more.     Special $335

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Mikia's Oxygen Therapy Facial Treatment

A customized beauty treatment designed to replenish the level of Oxygen in the skin.  This treatment comes with a Customized Full Luxury Facial as well as Ultra Sonic Waves and High Frequency Vibrations to remove dead skin cells.  Next special Customized Serums will be Infused into the skin via Pressurized Oxygen. Skin will be Brightened, Tightened, Lifted and Rejuvenated. Great for all skin types.  Special comes with a soothing eye collagen eye treatment            Special $199

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Product of the Month 10% OFF Rejuvenating Eye Gel

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