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January Specials

PDO Threads for Smoothing!

PDO stimulates the natural Production of Collagen which causes the Skins Texture to Look Younger, Brighter and Increase Elasticity. Smooth Skin Texture, Smooth Acne Scars Smooth Fine Lines and Wrinkles! Lasts up to 12 Months! Nurse Practitioner Alicia  Special $345  Regular price $420


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Pixel Light Face and Neck

Get rid of Crepey Skin with Olga's Pixel Light Treatment.  Rejuvenate your Face and Neck with minimal to no downtime. Purchase Pixel Light Face and get your Neck treated  Free.  Special  $380 Save $275


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Mikia's Exclusive Facial of the Month

Microneedling with Oxygen Infusion and LED

Enjoy a  Customized Trio of Microneedling , Oxygen and LED Therapy. A special Microneedle pen creates micro channels into the skin allowing Pure Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to Fully Penetrate, Stimulate and Trigger the production of New Collagen. Then Oxygen Infusion with hydrating Serum is infused into the skin to help Plump and Detoxify leaving Beautiful Glowing skin. LED Light Therapy helps intensify the process of Soothing, Healing and Renewing the skin. Special $250 For an additional $50 add Medical Grade Growth Factor for even more intense penetration and results.


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Derma Glow Facial

2020 Great Skin is in!!! Start off The New Year with Great Skin!!! Rejuvenate the complexion of your skin with our Aesthetician Damla's  New Derma Glow Special. This treatment will target dull and tired skin.  Microderm exfoliation is used to reduce signs of aging and make the skin appear more even toned, all while hydrating and plumping the cells for a more youthful glow! A Special Collagen Mask is added to this treatment for maximum benefits. Collagen woll aid in helping to restore your skin's structure, and hydrate the skin resulting in more supple texture!  Special $120


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Product of the Month

Rejuvenating Eye Gel 10% off

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